Thank you so much for the very comfy bra's. You are a stunning person and one can feel the passion for what you do. I personally don't know how to thank you..


I could so hug you right now Tammy! Thank you so, so much for recommending Bravacious! I now have a proper sports bra and am finally wearing the right bra size (which by the way is 2 cup sizes bigger than I thought!) Just check this girl run now! *Whoop, whoop - Happiness is* For the first time in forever I actually quite like them (my breasts) now. I need to get used to the new size now though because it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing anything. Lol. But there's so much support. It's amazing! Thank you sooooo much! I should have done this years ago!

Lesley C

I love all my new "things". Can't wait to wear them on the beach. You do an excellent job Celine I appreciate you so much.

Karin K

Thank u so much Celine and will continue supporting u. Your lingerie is the BEST!

Faith K