About us

The concept of opening a specialised lingerie business developed years ago, when the owner, Céline, through her own experience found that she just couldn’t find bras that fitted.  Every bra shopping experience ended in frustration with either the bras not giving the support she was looking for or they were just really old fashioned and dull. 

Having trained and gained experience in the lingerie industry, in the UK, Céline decided that it was about time women, especially larger breasted ladies, also had the choice to buy not only great fitting, comfortable bras, but also beautiful and elegant lingerie.

At Bravacious, we’re passionate about lingerie and we want women to be proud of their bodies, regardless of their shape, and especially if they are gifted with large boobs.  Say goodbye to unsupportive, unfashionable bras and hello to gorgeous lingerie you won’t want to take off.